Everyone loves cake but only a few of us dig their teeth in it guilt free. Our cakes are made low fat butter, wheat and jaggery. This means no maida & no sugar.

Cookies & Biscuits

Whole wheat flour, oats and ragi together mean we’re packing all this nutrition in one bite for you! These cookies are prepared in low fat butter so you can reach the jar for more!

Granolas & Flapjacks

Get hooked to the concept of healthy eating with our range of granola bars and flapjacks that are ridiculously tasty and healthy at the same time, grab now!

Power Mixes

We’re quite excited to bring these to the Indian customer. Strewn with nuts and seeds and berries, we picture you grinning between mouthfuls of flavour!

Retail Range

Choose from our exciting range of quinoa puffs, roasted namkeens and trail mixes. Free of trans fat and cholesterol these snacks are your perfect on the go snacking partner.

Savoury Delights

Savour our wide variety of namkeen snacks. We get back to basics with these familiar entries so your new snacks look just like your old snacks, except they’re healthier!

The Poshtick Promise

In this fast-paced century where everyone is constantly running around, priding themselves in being ‘busy’, we promise to make heathy living an essential part of your life. We’ll take the burden of weighing, measuring and pondering over what you should eat and cook up some delicious meals for you.

Our products, crafted by our in-house chefs and approved by our nutritionist, have been created such that they make their way into your routines seamlessly! So imagine an invisible hand coming in, time and again, and replacing your bag of chips with pure, unadulterated awesomeness that tastes just as good!

Oh and, you can thank us later.


Choose Your Box

Diabetic? We have a box! Not Diabetic? We have a box!

Choose Your Plan

Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly.

Choose a Nice Spot

To sit back and enjoy your snacks

WHY Poshtick ?

  • Accessibility

    Poshtick is for everyone who wants to make healthier choices but doesn’t know where to start. We bring well-being right at your door!

  • Affordability

    We want to bust the myth that healthy food that is also delicious will burn a hole in your pocket so that Poshtick can become a daily choice you make and not a mere indulgence.

  • Nutrition

    Our goodies are packed with just the right nourishment you need, as a result you’ll feel light and energetic all day!